omglia_closet (omglia_closet) wrote,

Cascading Stars Brown & Gold Tee
Size: Small, but definetly fits both medium and large.
Brand or Store: Fashion Bug
Condition: Like new. Worn once.
4lyn_angel paid $11

Pink Peacoat Button-Up Sweater
Size: Medium
Brand or Store: Fashion Bug
Condition: Excellent. Barely worn.
hi_claudia paid $11

Brown and White Layered Puff-Sleeve Shirt
Size: Medium
Brand or Store: Fashion Bug
Condition: Excellent. Only worn once.
sigma_aix paid $7

Pink & Black Sparkly Evening Gown *clearance*
Size: 9/10. Stretchy band at top of dress.
Brand or Store: Fashion Shop
Condition: Brand new. Tags still on. However, there is a rip at one end of the lacy trail, pictured above. It's been safety pinned and can easily be sewn and is not visible.
bang_bang_kitty paid $12

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in Koala and Lipstick in Vamp
Brand or Store: Chanel
Condition: Excellent. Each used only once.
boomboxkid paid $9
lovesicles paid 6$

Liz Claiborne Button Up White Tee
Size: 12. 100% Rayon, very silky, but not too stretchy. (Fits medium, above)
Brand or Store: Villager by Liz Claiborne
Condition: Wrinkled but fairly unworn. I will iron it out upon request before sending.
Kat paid 5$

Varsity Hot Pink Tied-Sleeve Tee *clearance*
Size: XS/S
Condition: Never worn.
wendy_sells traded for yellow hoodie

Beige Hooded 3/4 Sleeve Shrug
Size: M
Brand or Store: Demanding by SayWhat, Macy's
Condition: Worn once
_greenfinch traded for grey long sleeve shirt

Elegant Cream-Colored Knit Sweater
Size: Medium
Brand or Store: Mossimo
Condition: Worn no more than 3 times
betaalwayswins paid $10

DIY Little Mermaid Moto Jacket *PENDING*
Size: S

Brand or Store: Bought DIY from Ebay. It is adorable and just like the picture, but it is (sadly!!) too small for me, I can't even zip it up.

Condition: Never worn *tear*

Transaction through $25
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